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I have been fortunate enough to have experienced a variety of cultures. I was born and raised in Turkey, married a German man, and have been living in the United States for over 10 years. Having been exposed to many different cultures, traditions, and customs has allowed me to adapt and hone my skills as a photographer. My Turkish upbringing was one of warmness and hospitality towards others. This has afforded me the ability to connect with my clients, gain their trust, and make them feel comfortable during a shoot. My connection to the German culture has given me a renewed sense of structure and composition. I not only pay particular attention to my subject(s), but give equal importance to my surroundings and in preparing the scene. Living in America for the past 10 years has given me a renewed sense of flexibility and has enabled me to engage and capture spontaneous moments.

Many of my couples are desiring a more photojournalistic approach to wedding photos. Although I do provide a number of traditional (posed) photos, I find that my creativity shines through when I am given the opportunity to focus more on candid shots.

I always want my wedding images to reflect the elegance of every single moment of that special day and the connection and love between the couple. Utilizing the contrast of light allows me to underline the particular ambiance of the images. I consistently seek out unexpected angles in an effort to exploit my artistry. I recently was able to take advantage of a more contemporary/fashion-based approach to wedding photography with my latest spread and cover for Carolina Bride Magazine.

I have a genuine love for all life, people, cultures, and want to help you capture your joyous moments so that when you look back at the photos, it’s as beautiful and real as your experience. So please drop me a note so we connect soon.

Thank you for considering Isil Dohnke Photography to capture your special moments.